Language course and exam

Language course

As of 2017, dentists and orthodontists are required to pass a B2 + Dutch government language exam before they can register with the national health registry (BIG). With our 35 teachers in total between Spain and Portugal we organize our language courses.

We work with small groups of 2-3 candidates for 5 or more hours a day. This methodology reduces the time needed to reach a B2 + level to 5-6 months. We start monthly with new classes, and organize the classes in your city. Alternatively we offer an options with 10-12 hours weekly classes, finishing of with 2-3 months intensive training before the language exam.

We are completely flexible in organizing customized lessons for our candidates!

Our program is also open for candidates that have a valid A2 Dutch language certificate of another qualified language school. You can start our program with the B1 lessons.


Before taking the exam you will have a specific preparation week. The exam is focused on dental vocabulary and consists of two elements: part A includes the summary of a text and its presentation to a committee, followed by questions, part B consists of a role play in front of a committee with an actor in his role as a patient in your clinic, and you as a dentist, in front of a committee, followed by a summary of the visit, anamneses and suggested treatment.

Our candidates need an average of two takes to pass the exam. So everyone passes the exam and can start working in Holland!