Why live in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands in general

The Netherlands is a small and rather densely populated country with 18 million inhabitants. The official language is Dutch. It is a monarchy and currently the king is Willem-Alexander and the queen is Maxima of Argentinian origin.

It is a flat country with no mountains, mostly at sea level, and very green with bridges, canals, bicycles, flowers and windmills.
As a small country with a long tradition of foreign trade, the Dutch are very international. They usually speak several languages and almost everyone speaks English. In general they are open-minded, organised and quite down-to-earth.

Reasons to live in the Netherlands

  • There is a good balance between work and leisure time. Dentists usually work from 08h30 to 17h00. Many dentists reduce their working hours after a few years of experience. This is possible because of the good salaries.
  • It is a stable and safe country with a very low unemployment rate (approx. 3.8%).
  • It is often ranked between the happiest countries in the world and Dutch children are often ranked as the happiest in the world.
  • It is a multicultural country, open to foreigners.
  • The Dutch people generally have a good level of English and are used to dealing with people of all kind of nationalities.
  • It is very well connected by road and public transport so it’s easy to move around.
  • 30% rule; this is a tax benefit that the Dutch government gives to dentists coming from abroad.
  • The country is rich in culture, history, natural beauty and sports; there is plenty to see, to do, to visit and to have fun.
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