Cost and commitments

Cost of the course

Dutch lessons will take up to 8-12 months of classes before you reach the required B2+ level.

The total cost are € 2.000. We do accept part payments distributed during the training

All other cost are paid for by our clients!

Our commitment

We organize the language classes, we provide the study material, we connect you with the clinics in Holland, we organize interviews and we support you in signing your employment contract with your clinic. In the final stage of your training we take great care in preparing you for the exam and we pay for the first exam.

The expenses on account of the candidate are translations of official documents for BIG registration and registration in this same register. At this time the costs for registration are 80 euros and it is valid for 4 years.

We also help you with all the paperwork: the procedures of registration in the national registry, your bank account, tax number, accommodation, etc.