Why work as a dentist in the Netherlands?

You may wonder why you should go to the Netherlands to work as a dentist. What do you gain from this move? We explain it all here.

If you would also like to know more about the general advantages of living in the Netherlands, we recommend the following link.



Work as a dentist in a Dutch clinic

The clinics in the Netherlands are modern and equipped with the latest technology. You work in a team with other dentists, dental assistants and dental hygienists. Most clinics have a manager who organises the schedule and the patients.

You will normally work 36 to 40 hours (08:30 – 17:00) per week. There will be no overtime. Clinics in larger cities usually have longer working hours (including weekends).

Types of dental clinics in the Netherlands

We are looking for dentists to work in the Netherlands for different types of clinics:

  • Regular clinics; you work as a general dentist usually from 08h30 to 17h00, prevention is important and you will do all kinds of treatments.
  • Emergency clinics: you will have more irregular working days, but you will work 35 hours. The emphasis is more on treatments such as root canals, extractions and small surgeries.
  • Mobile clinics in modern buses, to treat refugees. A beautiful job with a heart and regular working hours.
  • We are also looking for orthodontists with a good CV and a 3-year Master’s degree of 180 credits.

Which option appeals to you the most? To find out more, do not hesitate to contact us.

work as a dentist in the netherlands
work as a dentist in the netherlands

Advantages of working as a dentist in the Netherlands

  • Due to the shortage of dentists in the Netherlands, we guarantee a job as a dentist.
  • Attractive salaries; you will have a good salary and a fixed contract so you don’t have to worry about complicated paperwork (as is often the case as a self-employed person) and you can spend your time on what is important; learning to be a good dentist in the Netherlands. In addition, the clinic takes care of your liability insurance.
  • Professional, financial and personal development.
  • Balance between work and leisure time; you usually work from 08h30 to 17h00 which leaves you plenty of time in the afternoon to spend on other activities, your social and/or family life.
  • The general dentist deals with a wide range of dental treatments: prevention, endodontics, implantology, aesthetics, etc. which allows you to develop and improve your knowledge in all areas. You will treat both children and adults.
  • The Netherlands is one of the most advanced countries in the world in terms of dentistry.
  • The Dutch generally visit the dentist twice a year. Therefore, the dentist is an important pillar of the population’s health and is a highly respected professional.
  • Patients usually have good insurances and can therefore afford to pay for the different treatments. Children up to the age of 18 are covered by their parents’ insurance.
  • Working at the clinic for at least two years gives you the opportunity to get to know your patients, to follow them up and also to be able to grow as a professional in the clinic.
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