Why Holland?

Holland in general

Holland is a relatively small country, and offers a great mix of colors, shapes and traditions: flowers, mills, bridges, canals and bicycles, this is the world through which Holland turns!

Culture, climate and language

The Dutch have a very open and direct culture. Holland’s climate is mild, with cool winds and not too extreme temperatures. Especially in summer, with sunny weather but nothing hot. In winter it is not too cold, although sometimes there are heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures. There are some channels that freeze because of these temperatures, that is when ice skating can be done. The rains appear especially in spring, when all Holland is covered with a fascinating color of flowers.

The official language is Dutch. However, Holland is a country that combines many languages. To the north, bordering on Germany, German is also spoken, while most of the country speaks English perfectly.


The dental clinics in Holland are modern, and equipped with the latest techniques. They work in teams of 4 to 6 dentists, assisted by receptionists, assistants, and dental hygienists. Most clinics have a clinical director and an operations manager who organizes the work, the agenda and the patients.

The working hours are normally between 36-40 hours (08:00 – 17:00) weekly. There will be no overtime. Depending on the clinic you will have your turn to attend the emergency room a few times a year outside of working hours. Clinics in large cities sometimes have a different schedule (even on weekends).